Our Services

What do we do?

  • Conceptualise sport events; product launches; conferences; sporting days and tours with our clients
  • Coordinate group tours. Restaurant bookings, accommodation reservations and specialized tours as well as special functions
  • Facilitate "full programme" events
  • Assist in the execution of events as "on-site" staff for companies who are short staffed
  • Assist on operational levels as project managers for companies who are short staffed

How we work?

  • Assist clients in creating events that are in line with clients needs and budgets
  • Educate clients on venues
  • Assist clients in securing meeting space and hotel accommodation bookings
  • Assist clients in selecting menu's and drinks
  • Assist clients in sourcing and selecting flower arrangements; table arrangements; table settings; entertainment; AV requirements; room set up
  • Ensure that the client is fully briefed on all aspects of the event and feels as though they own the event
  • Advise client on event time windows
  • Work with the clients on registration (We can handle registration electronically through email or by fax) or we draw up lists/ forms to help the client track registration
  • Facilitate full service events (from concept to execution)
  • Provide a running budget of events for clients

Working Together:

  • We believe that the client enjoys the responsibility of owning the event and we do not like to take this away from the client, after all the client knows his/her product and the company's competitors.
  • Our aim is to make the event run smoothly and efficiently and professionally, whilst allowing the client time to network, socialize and enjoy the event as well as concentrate on their business whilst we concentrate on the event logistics and execution.
  • We aim to learn as much about the client and the product as possible, so that we do have an advanced knowledge when coordinating and corresponding with venues; suppliers and guests.
  • We understand and respect confidentiality

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previous events

World Cup Soccer
South Africa, 2010

Beijing Olympics
China, 2008

Asian Games
Doha, Qatar 2006

Assistance with various conferences and Incentive groups
2007 - 2010

World Cup Soccer 2006
Germany 2006

West Asian Games
Doha, Qatar 2005

Anthony Robbins Platinum Partnership
South Africa, 2005

RTT Christmas Party
Cape Town, 2005

Scott Dealership Camp
Cape Town, 2004

Dermalogica Product Launch
Cape Town, 2004

Osram Fomula 1 Race
Monza, 2000